Big Game Research & Monitoring

Big Game Research & Management

The management and conservation of big game populations is a top priority for agencies, industry and the public. WEST, ULC experts combine statistics and ecology to provide clients with quantitative and scientifically credible information to address key challenges associated with big game management and conservation. WEST, ULC has experience working with Provincial and Territorial Wildlife Acts, Species at Risk Act and Regulatory Consultation.

WEST, ULC has extensive expertise in the design and conduct of a wide range of big game studies and monitoring plans. This expertise includes the use of capture recapture, distance sampling and aerial survey methods for all types of biological populations.

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    Expertise Includes:

  • Resource Selection Analyses
  • Abundance and Density Estimation
  • Survival Modeling
  • Population and Habitat Modeling
  • Movement Modeling and Migratory Patterns
  • Space-use Estimation
  • Impact and Risk Assessment
  • Management and Conservation Plans
  • GPS and VHF Telemetry Studies
  • Aerial Survey and Telemetry Studies

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