Statistics & Biometrics

Statistics & Biometrics

Biometricians with WEST, ULC are known for their common sense application of statistics to solve natural resource problems. They specialize in practical, state-of-the-art design and analysis of field and laboratory studies. Our statisticians have written and published 9 books and over 250 manuscripts on the use of statistics in natural resource applications.

WEST, ULC can provide state-of-the-art consulting on all aspects of studies designed to estimate size and geographic extent of a biological population. This expertise includes the use of capture-recapture, distance sampling and aerial survey methods. Our team has been actively involved in the development, review, and analysis of capture-recapture studies for the estimation of population parameters. Our biometricians are internationally known experts in distance sampling and the development of models for analysis of capture-recapture.

WEST, ULC’s contribution in many studies is expert consultation on design and statistical analysis of field ecology studies. Emphasis is placed on development of study protocols and standard field procedures that result in statistical inferences, which are justified by the study design.

    Areas of Expertise Includes:

  • General and Advanced Statistical Analysis Techniques
  • Design and Statistical Analysis of Environmental Field Studies
  • Estimation of Biological Population Size, Including Capture/Recapture and Distance Methods
  • Resource Selection Studies
  • Pre-, During-, and Post-Construction Studies
  • Design and Analysis of Marine Mammal Studies
  • Educational Workshops, Short-Courses and Professional Training
  • Development of Computer Programs for Statistical Analysis
  • GPS and VHF Telemetry Studies
  • Aerial Survey and Telemetry Studies

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